About Instagram Downloader

Using Instagram Downloader is not hard as other websites. It is just a simple process that provides options to download images and videos through #hashtag. Moreover, if you need to get some private profile picture of your friend or native then, this tool is going to help you only. There is no other method to with which private pictures and videos can be found from Instagram accounts. At the other end, the need of downloading the entire album of user for pictures and videos can also be fulfilled with the use of Download User Album feature.

#Hashtag Downloader

This feature is helpful when you just want to use #Hashtag to download images and videos of the individual without damaging the quality. For a specific #hashtag, you can download 10 pictures or videos at one go.

Private Downloader

This feature assists to download images Instagram and videos from Instagram accounts marked as private for security purpose. This feature is applicable for all those Instagram users marked the profile as Private.

User Album Downloader

To download entire set of pictures, videos, and images from Instagram users' account, you can opt this facility. With profile URL and user name credentials, the step to download all images and videos can be done.

Premium Service

Coming soon.