how to use private downloader

Posted on September 15, 2016 at 05:30 PM, by Admin

How to Download Instagram Private Photos and Videos Online

The Private Downloader for Instagram Videos and Images from InstaDownloader helps you to download the private photos and videos. This feature is rare to find in other solutions available online. To get the private videos and images with the use of this feature, you don't need to put extra efforts. As well as, the process doesn't take too much time for its execution. The steps in process to download private images and videos are easy.

Check out the way how you can download private photos or videos from Instagram:

Step 1: Open the Insta Photo Downloader on your smartphone or computer

Step 2: Click to the Private Downloader option

Step 3: Open the private photo of the Instagram user or page

Step 4: Get the source code for that private photo or video (Right mouse click and click Vew Source Code)

Step 5: Copy the source code for image or video marked as private

Step 6: Paste it to the bar shown on the screen

Step 7: Click to download now tab

Step 8: Get the process done by saving video or image at the desired location