Download All Instagram Photos and Videos

Download All Instagram Photos and Videos

Bulk Instagram photo and video download by username (upto 14).


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This facility is here for all those users of Instagram who want to download Instagram photos and videos for entire user album of their friends and known. However, the download for any user album is allowed with the use of this feature from InstaPhotoDownloader. So, all together taking all pictures and videos along from Instagram for Instagram users is not a disturbing matter. With this tool, it can be done easily without taking too many efforts.

Instagram User Album Downloader Feature

Download All Photos at Once

If you have desire to download all photos for a user’s account at Instagram then, you just need to have user name and related url, with few clicks the process of downloading can be done without changing the basic properties of photos & images at all.

Download All Videos at Once

If you are the one who has desire to make it possible to download complete videos from any Instagram user’s account then, having user name is a crucial factor. With this, putting up the related url will also help you to get the download done in seconds.

Download from any User or Artist

There is not any restriction to download videos and pictures for any particular Instagram user or artist. With no limitation or issues, the user album for images and videos can be perfectly downloaded without taking too much time and efforts.


All images and videos from Instagram for particular user album can be downloaded with InstaPhotodownloader software on phone.


No matter for which user you want to download Instagram user album to get videos and photos, InstaPhotodownloader will help you.


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