How to Find and Customize Instagram Fonts for Your Posts

If you want to grab the attention on Instagram and stand out from others, you have to use unique font styles in your profile.

Every person on Instagram has a different bio. Some people use numeric values or symbols in the bio and other use proper text.

The same is in the case where some of the users use emojis in the caption while others write long lines to make their posts more attractive.

But Instagram itself provides a very limited font style so you can’t change the format of the font in many ways and make it prominent.

To make your Instagram profile attractive and seek the attention of other users, you can use the Instagram font generator.

These tools help you to customize the text and make it according to your requirement. Moreover, these tools also provide additional options to the users to give your profile a dashing look.

Here we will discuss some of the best tips by which you can make the profile dashing and attract other users toward your account.

How to make the text bold for Instagram bio?

You can’t bold the text in Instagram as it doesn’t provide any such feature. So, the font in your bio or captions would be of normal size with limited styles.

To increase the number of font styles and give a dashing look to your profile, you can use a weird text generator.


You can get numerous online tools that can benefit you in this sense. Users have to put the text in these online text generators.

Here they can bold the text make it italic or change its formatting according to requirement. You can customize the text as needed.

How to customize Instagram fonts?

To customize the fonts on Instagram and give it a different look is a quite simple task. The only thing you have to look for is a top Instagram text generator.

After getting the tool you need to follow some steps.

  • Put the desired text into the tool and choose your favorite format.
  • Apply that format on the lines.
  • Copy the text from here and paste it into the Instagram profile.

These are the simple steps that you can apply and customize your Instagram profile. Users can make their accounts private by using these weird text generators.

How to change the username format on Instagram?

Making the username stylish is a priority of most Instagram users. You can make the text attractive by changing its format.

To give an astonishing look to your username, you have to use an Instagram font generator that helps to make the text trendy.

Here we will give you some tips by which you can make your username amazing. Let’s have a look

  • Look for a top text generator tool with amazing font styles.
  • Enter your text there and choose your favorite font.
  • Apply that font style onto the text.
  • Hit the copy button and your text will be copied.
  • Open the Instagram profile and go to the “edit profile” option.
  • Paste the text on the “username” tab.
  • You have a stylish username with a unique font style.

It is the easiest way to customize the Instagram username font. You can give an enchanting look to your profile by applying this method.

How to customize the fonts in Instagram bio, captions, and IGTV description?

Like customization of username, you can also apply your desired style into the Instagram bio and captions and seek the attention of viewers.

There are hundreds of Instagram font generators online that can make the text unique for you. Just select the best of them and enter the words there.

Once you entered the text there, it will give you multiple options to change the style of those words and make them charming.

After generating the customized text, you have to copy that text from there and paste it into the captions or IGTV description.

The text you put there will have an astonishing look that Instagram doesn’t provide to the users by itself.

Things to consider

You can change the format and styles of your profile and stand out from other users. But there are some tips that you should remember while generating customized text.

  • Don’t apply too much style to a single text as it will destroy the beauty of lines.
  • Apply the changes to your text according to brand reputation. Although you can have a new look, it should match your brand value.
  • Beware of the font style and make sure to use it on multiple devices. Use that font style that is compatible with every device.

Final words

To give an enchanting look to your Instagram and grab the attention of other users, you can change the font style.

It can be easily done by using any Instagram font generator. You have to put the text in those online tools and customize its style.

But the thing you have to remember is that don’t apply unnecessary flairs in the text as they can reduce the beauty of the text.

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