Download Instagram Videos and Photos by Free Online Tool

Instagram has become the trend of the century. The platform is used for sharing pictures among not just family and friends, but also with millions of people. A recent survey recorded that over 80 million images are being shared daily on Instagram. The only minor inconvenience the platform delivers is not providing the users with an option to save or download an image or a video. The users can post pictures and videos, but cannot download anything from the application. It’s a little disappointing for the users when they constantly explore myriad of videos or images and, finding some of them worthy of saving or sharing among family and friends who are not on Instagram, but are unable to do so. Nonetheless, there are certain ways one can get hold of their favourite Instagram videos and images.

Since no download option has been provided by Instagram itself, therefore, the help of an external application is requisite. There are many free applications available on the internet for the very purpose. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play for absolutely free of charge. Among these free downloading apps, one is Instadownloader.

The application is super easy to handle. The users need not worry about logging in on Instagram or the website every time they want to download something. They will just have to copy the URLs of their desired image or video, and paste it on the tab given on Instadownloader and just hit the ‘Download Now’ button. Nothing complex, mind twisting process, just sit back and keep hitting the ‘download now’ button.

Since Instadownloader doesn’t restrict the number of pictures and videos that can be downloaded, one can create his or her own enormous collection of Instagram photos as well as videos. The website also doesn’t bother the users with unnecessary membership plans, which can be really annoying sometimes. Also, the website is accessible through all gadgets, be it a mobile, a pc or a tablet.

So, instead of wasting time on transferring files from the mobile to pc, you can always use Instadownloader in pc, and save the files directly there. Also while most of the Instagram users access their accounts on their handsets, there are still a few who like to access their accounts on their personal computers or laptops. To download Instagram videos and images for free on your personal computer with this website, you can follow these basic steps:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots that can be seen on the upper right side of any post on Instagram. You will be given a few options, among which, one will suggest the copying of the URL of that particular photograph or video.
    three dot
  3. Copy the URL of the Instagram picture or the video you wish to download.
    copy link
  4. Once you select your favourite pictures to download, you will be asked by Instadownloader to choose a location to save the download.
    download image
  5. Save the download in the desired location.

You can also save your Instagram pictures and videos while posting them. It’s the easiest way to save your pictures or videos; with all the editing (if any) you have applied to the picture, on your device. This feature is accessible on all the mobiles, regardless of whether it is an Android handset or an IOS one. It’s as simple a task as eating a cake. Just go to your Instagram profile and tap on the Options icon. This is presented as settings icon on IOS devices and as hamburger menu on Android devices. Just slide the save original pictures settings to on and you are good to go.

No matter what the device of your choice is, the trending Instagram photographs as well as videos will be within your reach even offline, thanks to third party software such as the Instadownloader. Now you can be merry over being able to save your crush’s photographs, or your favourite celebrities’ latest snaps, or even those funny videos you want to share on your family or friend group on WhatsApp. Save the pictures of your favourite dresses, shoes and other accessories that will help you to design or style outfits for different occasions. Now you will able to visit your favourite images and videos time and again, without having to break your neck trying to find them all over the Instagram.

Please note that the applications and services are in no way affiliated to Instagram. It is independent third party software. Instagram doesn’t allow the downloading of any post form their platform, but that’s what these sites are here for, to help you download Instagram posts. Don’t wait any longer and download Instagram videos and images for free, you have always wanted to save as your personal collection.

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